A community for celebrities and fans to connect and share knowledge, anytime, anywhere.

Its secure, private and fun to chat and share.

Communicate with celebrities via text, audio, or video. It’s your choice!

Chatello provides access to people never accessible before, like Celebrities and Influencers at the top of their field.

Athletes, educators, public figures, makeup, fashion and beauty, service and resources, leaders in medicine like plastic surgeons, and other industry leaders anytime, anywhere.


Competitive Advantage

Introducing the Chatello ICO token ‘CHA’. A new era communicate like never before.

Our promise. Launch a new and unique social media app allowing fans to communicate and socialize directly with celebrities, influencers and industry leaders.. Chatello will use CHA tokens to enable communication and chat with celebrities. This will create great value and use of the CHA token by millions globally.

Global Community

Anytime, Anywhere

The Chatello App allows you to chat and communicate with your favourite celebrities anytime, anywhere. Its secure, trusted and personalized.

Send your favourite celebrity a Text ; Voice or Video message and get their response. As simple as that!

  • Notification : You’re notified when you receive a reply.
  • Accessibility : Available as Mobile App or Desktop version. it’s your choice.
  • Questions? : Just ask! and your celebrity will answer you! Couldn’t be simpler.
  • Advise? : Need advice from a global leader in your field or industry? What used to be impossible is now as simple as asking the question, Chatello delivers the answer!
  • Chat with the world : Chatello connects you with people like never before.
Ensure a safe

Adaptive Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are self-executing contractual agreements, stored on the Blockchain, which nobody controls and therefore everyone can trust.

The Chatello Smart Contract and CHA Token created for this ICO are part of the ERC20 (A technical standard currently seen as the leading digital platform for smart contracts)

The Chatello Smart Contract controls the creation, sale and allocation of Chatello CHA Tokens as well as the future rewards of the token holders.

The Chatello Smart contract is an Unchallengeable set of rules programmed into the smart contract that control all the policies of the Chatello ICO process. Once the ICO is completed the Smart Contract will also be used to pay the Chatello rewards to the CHA token holders.

The Chatello smart contract is all about Trust, Transparency and Credibility. We take it seriously and are committed to ensuring everything runs smoothly and as planned.

How it works

Best Features

Chatello is not just another app, it’s a way to communicate, a way to contribute to society, a new way for global engagement and sharing. Its all about getting real answers to questions quickly and direct from people who know.

Celebrities & Fans
Private & Secure Chat

Chat with your favorite celebrity in exchange for CHA coins.
Get your questions answered.

Customer Support

Premium customers always deserve the best support, there’s nothing better than immediate service and accurate advice. CHA token is the answer.

Celebrity Support

Helping people in need is at the core of Chatello project. Celebrities support charities and causes.

CHA Tokenomics

Chatello Tokenomics and ICO Valuation

We are committed to the commercial success of Chatello, we are in the final stages of development and will release the beta version in the coming weeks More global celebrities are joining daily and our Road Map is on track.

  • CHA is scheduled to be listed on many premium global exchanges.
  • We adhere to strict Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies and business ethics.
  • We will always look after Demands than Supply formula to increase the value and price of CHA.
  • Token buy back implemented where possible to increase our CHA value.
  • We will always time CHA to a service demand.

Token Sale

Chatello CHA tokens will be available for sale from Sept 1st, 2018 till Oct 15th, 2018.

Private Sale
01 September 2018
10 Days
10% Bonus Hard Cap $2M
Private Sale
11 September 2018
10 Days
20% Bonus Hard Cap $5M
Exclusive Sale
22 September 2018
08 Days
25% Bonus Hard Cap $7M
Private Sales Start on 01 September 2018
  • Token Symbol CHA
  • Token Sale Start Sept 1st, 2018
  • Token Sale End Oct 15th, 2018
  • Tokens for sale 7,000,000
  • Token Price USD $2 per 1 CHA
  • Specifications ERC20
  • Sale duration 30 days

Use Of Funds

10% Product Development
35% Marketing / Sales
15% Operations
5% R&D
5% Legal Setup
30% Staff Growth

Tokens Distribution & Allocation

10% Celebrities Endorsement
15% Team and Advisor
75% Public Sale

Read Our Documents

Here are documents you may find helpful to understand more about Chatello and the ICO. Please download and read carefully.


Road Map

We’re committed to delivery.

At Chatello, We create the strategy, and prepare the resources to deliver on time, every time.

September 2017
Idea crafted and validated
December 2017
Workshop validation and testing
January 2018
Signed app development agreement
April 2018
Finalized draft design and mockups
September 2018
Official ICO launch
November 2018
Beta version release
December 2018
Official pre-launch in Middle East
December 2018
Celebrating official CHA listing on major exchanges
February 2019
Official pre-launch in Asia and United States
Q1 2019
Starting of operations in US
Q2 2019
Starting of operations in Asia.
Meet The Team

Executive team

The Chatello Executive Team combines a passion for esports with industry leading expertise & a proven record in finance, development, operations, marketing & licensing.

Ray Fares
Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur with passion for excellence and growth.

Youssef Harb
President and Co-Founder

Stars On Board CEO, highly connected, networker and leader.

Jorge Sebastiao

International ICT speaker. Seasoned CTO and CIO.

Richard Ashman

Entrepreneurial leader with international experience

Arzu Yildirim
Executive Marketing

Talent and skills in social marketing and branding.

A. Jassim
Business Development

Talented leader to develop business and opportunities.

Mohammad Dajani
VP Technical

Best in the field, IT, mobile apps, and technology.

Maya Taha
Celebrity Community Manager

Admin & Operations


Taavi Rõivas
Board Advisor

MP, former Prime Minister of Estonia, Estonia

Barry M. Greenberg
Board Advisor

Celebrity Producer, United States

Tariq Nizami
Board Advisor

Hollywood Studios, Director, United States

Dorry Kordahi
Board Advisor


Firas Alsalih
Board Advisor

CMO Wilson Associates, United States

Mohamad Jaber
Board Advisor

50 Most Influential Global CMO

Cynthia Dearin
Board Advisor

International business strategist, Australia

Hayssam El Masri
Board Advisor

CEO Ento Capital

Sally A Illingworth
Board Advisor

Strategic Business Advisor

Fadi Roumieh
Board Advisor

Strategic Marketing and Analysis

Grant Bateman
Board Advisor

CEO Business Advisory TLB Dubai

Peter McKeon
Board Advisor

Ex-CEO Sony, ZTE, Telstra Telstra Australia

Legal Advisor

Phil J McKeiver
Legal Advisor

Senior Lawyer, Gilbert + Tobin Australia


As seen in media


Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided some answers to frequently asked questions on , ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

ICO Crypto - is unique blockchain platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital, and the way investors buy and sell.

We are selling 10M CHA tokens, however the offer for this stage is limited to 7,000,000 CHA tokens valued at US$2 per 1 CHA.

1 Chatello CHA token = US$ 2.

We accept BTC, ETH and Bank wire transfers only.

By visiting and follow the 4 easy steps during the ICO launch dates.

Chatello app will be used by millions of people and fans around the world to chat and talk with their favorite celebrities, in order to do so users will be using Chatello tokens to use Chatello app, so demands will be high and CHA token investment and ROI will be very high and rewarding.

The token name/ticker will be CHA.

You can purchase tokens using Bank Transfers.

ETH, BTC, USD, EUR accepted.
2 USD= 1 CHA Tokens

Price for BTC and ETH will be decided at the time of payment in USD

You digital wallet must be compatible with ERC20 Tokens.
The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):
• Desktop Wallet:
• Smartphone Wallet:

There is a minimum limit of $500 USD or equivalent in other accepted currencies. DO NOT SEND AMOUNT LESS THAN $500.

Tokens will be distributed weekly during the token sale.

You will have to provide your own ETH wallet address if you make purchase using BTC, USD, EUR in which you receive your CHA tokens.
For Payments made through the supported Ether wallet, Tokens will come directly into your Ether wallet within 3 working days after the transfer.

We cannot influence the decision of exchange listing. Usually, the first exchange where tokens could be listed is Bittrex, LiveCoin, Bitlish, Space BTC, ETHDelta, HitBTC after the token sale. We will also have dedicated local exchanges for the currencies such as INR & NGN.

Please contact us using any of the following methods:
Email support:

The CHA token sale follows an structured and approved governance process and it must follow a KYC process. Know your customer (KYC) is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients which will participate and invest in the CHA token sale.

Know your customer (KYC) is the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients and it is very important for any banking and financial institution. Verified KYC profile is not required to purchase CHA during the main sale. Documents can be submitted after purchase, but no later than 21 days after closing the ICO. Tokens will be allocated and sent only to the participants with verified KYC profiles.

• Every Participant with purchase amount of more than $1,000 have to submit the KYC documents.
• The deadline to submit documents for the KYC process is 21 days after closing the ICO.
• CHA Tokens will be distributed only to the participants who will pass the KYC.
• CHA Tokens of the participant who do not pass the KYC will be burned on a future set date.

Proof of Identity: We accept Passport, National ID, Driving License - Please ensure that the scan of the ID is high quality and includes both sides and that there are clearly visible edges of the documents.

Proof of Address: We accept Electricity Bill, Bank Statement, Post paid Mobile Bill, Certificate of Registrations at govt department with your address. The document must be less than 3 months old.

Yes, Chatello Pty Ltd has in place an agreement for our token sale, pls click here to download a copy of your agreement.

Yes we do have, please click here to download your copy.


Get In Touch

Any questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you generally in ‘24’ hours.