Communicate Like Never Before.

Chatting with celebrities is now easy, fast, secure and private.

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The Chatello App is all about connecting people,
in ways that were never possible before.

Creative Design

Tiny details is what matters. Chatello is all about making it simple, direct and fun. Simply 1 click.

Social Platforms

Don’t worry no need to do anything. The Chatello App is integrated with Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. So easy to use.

Why to use Chatello

Have you ever wondered how to send your favorite celebrity a message? Here's your chance via message a text, voice or even a video.


The Chatello App gives you the power to Ask Question or Seek Advice. But thats not it.. Businesses can also communicate with customers directly via Chatello. Its all about service and NOW.

Responsive Support

Doesn't matter whether its mobile or web, the Chatello App has the same look and feel.

Who can use Chatello

Everyone can chat with his/her favorite Celebrities, Public Figures, Athletes, Academics ,Politician, Lawyers.

How it works ?

Are you a big fan?


Have you ever wondered how to chat with celebrities? One to one! Communicate and chat with your favorite celebrity now on the Chatello App.

Are you a celebrity?


Connecting with Fans and make a great impression? Its your chance now with Chatello App. Have a say and answers their questions anytime, anywhere.

Are you a business?


Chatting with customers never been an easy task.. Now its live and direct one to one messages with your customers. Its your chance to give a great support. Chatello App is the answer.

Anytime, Anywhere

The Chatello App allows you to chat and communicate with your favorite celebritties anytime, anywhere. Its secure, trusted and personalized. Send your favorite celebrity a Message, Voice, or Video and wait for his/her reply. As simple as that!


Get notified when you get a reply


Use the App or just the desktop. its your choice.

Questions? Advise?

You've got questions? Just go ahead and ask! Yes. Just Ask and your celebrity will answer you. Can’t be simpler.

Chat with the world

Chatello App is your chance to connect with people like never before..


Who is your favorite influencer?

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Associare has assembled an expert management team with a diverse range of skills, including experts in cryptocurrency, startups operations and compliance, blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies, digital marketing, internet marketing and public relations.

Rabie Fares

Founder and CEO

Jorge Sebastiao

Lead Advisor

Arzu Yildirim

Marketing Officer - Europe

Maya Taha

Operation Manager

Mohammad Dajani

VP Platform

Abderrahmane Jassim

Marketing - North Africa

Richard Ashman

Chief Customer Officer

Senior Advisors

Mohamad Jaber

Director ME & CMO

Peter McKeon

Executive Advisor

Abdulla Al Fouzan

ME Investments

Fadi Roumeih

Director Financial Strategy

Ahad AbulKalam

Chief Financial Controller

Sam AL Masri

VP Global Operations

Firas Alsalih

Chief Doer & Celebrities Manager

Pascal Haider

Senior Advisor

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